Naar de inhoud springen


The lights, the models, the setting and the time, that makes the magic. I’m just here to focus and make it happen. With love, Iris

Iris Planting, established since 2013 under the name DutchAndFamous.

Before this she ran Studio5982 together with her husband and has trained many photographers herself in advertising and editorial photography.

However, her passion does not lie in running 3 large studios, but in portraying well-known and lesser-known people.

However, her strength lies in all her experience and applying the right techniques at the right times, at the right location and in a short time to create the right atmosphere that she wants to achieve with the portrayed person(s) in front of her lens. Because of her experiences and having had many well-known politicians, actors, etc. in front of the lens, Iris always believes that it is not she, but the person portrayed who ultimately determines. She will steer and have a certain image in her head, but in the end you will only arrive at the perfect image together.

This has already brought her many collaborations, also outside the assignments, which in turn results in free work.

Her images are also represented by her agency Lumenphoto.